With love from Kaki and Jake – Week 1 (Meet Lucy and Ethel)

We’re extremely happy and proud to announce the newest additions to the Junketsu Japanese Akita family. Two females were born on Saturday, December 12. Kaki was kind enough to wait until Steve returned from the Akita Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO) Headquarters show in Japan before she started to whelp her litter. Maybe it was all that Meiyosho* mojo that induced labor.

As with all red Japanese Akita pups, their faces will turn white and the rest of their coat will lighten over time as well. It’s always interesting to watch how they grow and develop in the first few weeks. Like most newborns, they’re quite helpless and very adorable. What’s most important at this point is that Kaki gets lots of good nutritious meals, so she can nurse the litter and that the puppies remain warm and continue to get their fill from the moveable feast at the mommy milk bar.

We couldn’t be more pleased that these two little girls were born healthy. The first couple of weeks can be precarious, so we wait with cautious optimism that Kaki’s little girls will continue to thrive, and we will do our best to make sure that happens.

Their official AKIHO pedigree names are Izumi Go Junketsu and Kotama Go Junketsu. Izumi means spring, as in fresh water, not the season or the verb, though she’ll probably be springing around soon enough. Kotama means little jewel; she has the diamond-shaped patch of white on the back of her neck and white blaze on her head. Izumi’s call name is Lucy and Kotama’s call name is Ethel.

*Meiyosho is the highest award given by AKIHO at a headquarters show. Eligibility is based on those dogs having won the Tokuuyu, which is the highest award given at a branch show. Once a dog wins the Meiyosho title, he is retired from the ring and can no longer compete.