It’s a bittersweet time as Yumi (f.k.a. Lucy) and Aiko (f.k.a. Ethel) have left the Junketsu den. Despite having all of our other dogs, there is something so special (and chaotic) about having puppies around. We’ll miss them very much but we’re confident that their new owners will shower them with love and attention. Let’s face it. Puppies know how to make their presence known just by being silly and cute!

As we said in a previous blog entry, we always want our puppies to go to the best owners possible. We’re grateful that Yumi and Aiko will be well looked after in their respective new homes in NorCal and Washington state. And we hope to receive regular updates about them as they grow up because they’ll always be a part of the Junketsu family.

We wish Aiko and Yumi a happy and long life with their new families.

Yumi the Younger Japanese Akita
Aiko the Japanese Akita puppy chews on a slipper
Japanese Akitas Kuma and Aiko playing

Sweet Aiko has a big brother named Kuma to play with. He’s
a brindle Japanese Akita.

Aiko and Kuma Japanese Akitas near Seattle

Aiko contemplating whether she wants to take a nap like her big brother or pounce on him.

Yumi will have no trouble training people to do her bidding because she’s just that cute!

Japanese Akita puppy playdate at the AKIHO LA Show 2016

Japanese Akita puppy ex-pen meetup at the AKIHO LA 2016 Show. Three different litters are represented here.