Kuma (a.k.a. Kuma Bear Fathead Raisin Eyes) and Yumi are our resident senior citizen dogs. They’re 13-year old littermates. Yumi was our very first Japanese Akita and we’ve had her since she was a puppy. She has been an absolute treasure – playful but on the mellow and reserved side. She’s put up with all the new additions to the household with dignity and grace and is like the grand old dame of the place (adjectives usually reserved for humans but they totally apply to our Yumi!).

Kuma was a gift to a college-age boy whose parents eventually sold their house and couldn’t take Kuma with them so they arranged for him to live with their daughter. Then, the daughter moved house and couldn’t take Kuma with her, so he was sent to the original owner’s friends house. But then the friend’s wife became pregnant, and they didn’t want to keep him, so Kuma was about to be homeless again. By this point, the boy had graduated college but was living in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs so he reached out to Kuma’s breeder who put the word out that Kuma needed a home. Since we had Kuma’s sister Yumi, we decided to give him a permanent home because all dogs need stability and seniors especially deserve a comfortable life! Everyone says Kuma’s lucky to have landed with us but really we think we’re the lucky ones.

Yumi and Fathead in a saloon