Adult Japanese Akitas introduced to puppies through the baby gate
Japanese Akita puppies meeting full grown Japanese Akitas

Here are the girls meeting
THE BEST Japanese Akita
puppy sitters EVER!

Lucy and Ethel’s 7th and 8th weeks have been spent exploring, meeting a couple of our other dogs and going to the vet’s for their vaccinations. It’s been a very social couple of weeks for them. As we suspected, Ethel is a moku (Japanese word for long coat). Some people believe that moku Japanese Akitas are smarter than their regular coated counterparts. It’s hard to tell whether Ethel is smarter than Lucy, but she continues to be slightly more docile than her sister though she’s just as playful when she’s in the mood. Lucy is definitely more like Dora the Explorer. Even though Ethel looks much bigger, she weighed in at 10 lbs, while Lucy’s weight was 11 lbs. 1 oz. Of course, Lucy peed on the exam table.

This weekend will be a big weekend for the girls. They’re going to the 43rd Annual Akita Inu Hozonkai dog show where they’ll play in the puppy pen with other members’ pups. And next week, Lucy will be going to her new home in Northern California. We’re still looking for the right people for Ethel because bringing a moku into the home takes a special kind of commitment due to grooming needs. The good thing is both AKIHO and JACA have members who are more than willing to give excellent advice and share their experiences. If you’ve ever seen a well groomed long coat Japanese Akita in person, they’re strikingly beautiful. And they know it.


We’re really lucky that Kita and Waka have such amazing dispositions. They’ve been the first adult dogs that our litters meet (apart from their mommies), which proves for positive initial interaction. Socialization is one of the key aspects in our puppies’ early development.



Here’s Lucy looking for the mommy milk bar. Since Kita is a male, he’s not about to replace Kaki for feedings. In any case, the girls are on solid foods now (it’s just that old habits are hard to break).

The best male Japanese Akita babysitter
Kita the Japanese Akita with his adopted puppy

Hi Dr. Mardell Denney!
We’re coming to see yoooouuu!
Don’t hurt us, ‘kay???

Uh, excuse me?
You’re going to put the thermometer where?

Ethel: Move over, fatty.
Lucy: Shh, be quiet. I’m secretly peeing on the table.

Crated Japanese Akita puppies going to the vet
Japanese Akita puppy on the exam table at the vet
Ethel and Lucy on the vet's exam table
Japanese Akita Sailor Moon
Pretty in Pink Japanese Akita
JACA Cares puppy t-shirt
Yawning Japanese Akita puppy