At Junketsu, we try really hard to have a well-rounded kennel. Throughout the year, we stay heavily involved in two major Japanese Akita breed clubs and a Shiba Inu club, we occasionally help our buyers by offering “spa and boarding” services to the dogs we bred so that they may stay temporarily in a home environment they’re familiar with as opposed to being housed in a commercial kennel environment (which is not a bad thing in and of itself as long as the kennel is staffed by dog-loving and appropriately trained super conscientious people), we take our dogs on weekend outings, and we also get our dogs involved in things like nose work and barn hunt. But a few times a year, we like to compete in the conformation ring. Earlier this year, it was Kaedehime-Go’s (call name: Mikan) turn to be a show dog. When she first came from Japan, we had no idea how she would turn out, which is often the case with imports (more on why we import another time). With Mikan, we sure got lucky. And on her very first appearance as a show dog too!

On February 6th and 7th, Mikan had three Best of Breed wins at UKC shows which helped earned her Champion status in one weekend. At the UKC Japanese Akita Specialty Show on February 13th, Mikan took Best of Breed AND Best in Show, which is pretty impressive for a dog as young as she is. The following day at the 43rd AKIHO Los Angeles Annual Show, she took 1st place in the Wakainu Class. So Mikan, who has brattiness, brains and beauty, is fast becoming a well-rounded addition to the family. And most importantly, she’s got a very nice temperament.

Two other members of the Junketsu family also had big wins in February too. The owners of Junketsu-bred littermates Hiroki Go Junketsu (call name: Roki) and Cayenne Go Junketsu (call name: Caya) had some celebrating to do as well that weekend when Roki took the Tokuyuu Award (the highest AKIHO prize given at the branch level) and Caya won the Best of Winners at the UKC Japanese Akita Specialty show. Congratulations to Josie and Tom on Roki’s win and to Rich and Sandra on Caya’s win!

Kaedehime Go (Mikan) at the
UKC Japanese Akita Specialty 2016
and at the 43rd Annual AKIHO L.A. Show.