Scenes from Life with Japanese Akitas

Life with a Japanese Akita (or more than one, if you’re like us) can be both challenging and rewarding. When they’re blowing coat, we have to be prepared to sweep or vacuum the floor often, a lot, constantly and all the time. Then again, we’re a multiple Japanese Akita household. We’re also committed to training and socializing because this breed has a bad rep. We expect our prospective puppy buyers to make the same sort of commitment in terms of time, effort, finance and a good vacuum cleaner. The Japanese Akita Club of America has a lot of excellent advice on their website where you can fully prepare yourself for what’s to come should you decide to take the plunge. We recommend starting with this informative section for new puppy owners.

If you decide to go for it and welcome a Japanese Akita into your home, you’ll basically have a sometimes silly, often lazy and super loyal companion who blows coat twice a year. And you can look forward to lots of scenes like these: