Junketsu Japanese Akitas Blog

From time to time, we’ll be sharing our experiences and thoughts about our dogs, the breed and all things related.

The Circle of Life Goes On

Steven took several trips to Japan to attend AKIHO shows and to meet breeders in 2017. While most of the Europeans and South Americans spend a huge amount of money on Meiyosho and Tokuyuu winners, and a lot of uninformed Americans buy from what can only be considered...

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Meet Goya!

We're so excited! The latest member of the Junketsu Kennel family arrived in September from Miyagi Prefecture in the Tōhoku region. We named our new little guy Gouya-Go which, according to the kanji characters we're using, means strong arrow, but his call name is Goya...

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Well-rounded Japanese Akitas

At Junketsu, we try really hard to have a well-rounded kennel. Throughout the year, we stay heavily involved in two major Japanese Akita breed clubs and a Shiba Inu club, we occasionally help our buyers by offering "spa and boarding" services to the dogs we bred so...

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