We’re so excited! The latest member of the Junketsu Kennel family arrived in September from Miyagi Prefecture in the Tōhoku region. We named our new little guy Gouya-Go which, according to the kanji characters we’re using, means strong arrow, but his call name is Goya (same sound) which is the Okinawan word for bitter melon. Given that we have a Kaki, a Mikan and a Gobo in our pack, we thought it was a cute idea (with all due respect to the Spanish artist and the company that sells Latin American food products which are both also called Goya).

Our newest Japanese Akita Goya has been a charmer from day one. He’s got a sweet disposition and, like most healthy puppies, he loves to play, play, play! We’ve been taking him to puppy daycare a couple times a week. As soon as he arrives in the parking lot, his tail starts wagging like crazy and he can’t wait to walk through the door to see what adventures await him. The good thing is we know he is just as happy with dogs outside of our home as he is with his Junketsu family. We’ve also been taking Goya on outings to get him used to being in different environments. He is eager to experience new places and meet new faces. Goya will be making his show debut in February of 2017. Come say hi!

Japanese Akita Puppy from Tohoku to California

Adorable Goya just before we brought him back from Japan.